It all started when...

Many, many, moons ago (fall of 2015) an eager college student (me) tried finding the perfect publication for a series of pieces about a quirky character who had become near and dear to her heart. But our doe-eyed writer soon found many a road-block. Her work was unconventional in the literary world, and for that she was punished! On her quest to find the perfect home for her quirky character and whacky poetry, she found such a small number of journals that catered to work outside the mainstream, it made her heart sad. With the help of two friends, she set out on a new quest and 500 Miles Magazine was born! The literary magazines already out there that strive to create a space for writers who's work is a little different are fantastic; but I feel the number is too small. 500 Miles Magazine strives to provide writers broader opportunities to write what they love and still have the opportunity to be published, without necessarily writing according to journalistic standards which aren't compatible with their style. As a writer myself, I am so grateful you have even taken the time to look at this magazine, and even more grateful if you decide to trust 500 Miles Magazine with your work. While no magazine can accept every single submission they receive, please know your work will be read with great care. You took the time to be invested in our magazine, it is our job to take just as much time to be invested in your writing. 



Danielle Lowery, Editor in Chief

Emily Wartella and Kait Goodwin, Editors