Crime Boss

I know this crime boss, he’s an old Sicilian.

The word out on the street is he’s reptilian.

He’s wanted by the law enforcement members

For famous crimes, and crimes no-one remembers.


I always keep my mouth shut, I deliver.

One word from me could send him down the river.

I do his business, and I do my job.

I am a trigger finger for the mob.


They treat me like some young prince in a palace,

As kind under their code as they are callous.

They show me storerooms where they keep their stash.

They pay me dead on time in cold, stiff cash.


I never saw a killer in this place

Who was not grinning with a human face.


Stuart Stromin is a South African-born writer and filmmaker, living in Los Angeles.  He was educated at Rhodes University, South Africa, the Alliance Francais de Paris and UCLA.  He is a single father with a son, a daughter, a dog and a cat.