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How do you do?

  I does just fine.

Does the cat know that?

  No, but his lawyer certainly does.

It doesn’t matter, the jury is full of ferrets.


Yeah, the gray ones with the burglar mask.

   Oh, like the raccoon gang?

No. The rac crew is strictly nonviolent. You know, no biting, just bluster.

   Jesus, they’ll hang him for sure!

Naw, he’s only charged with second degree mammal slaughter, they couldn’t charge

him with anything more serious.

   How’s that?

He claims it was an accident. That he was only playing and his claws got caught in the

skin when he tossed it into the air. Says he panicked when one of his claws pulled 

partially out and started to bleed.

   He panicked over that? What a woos! Jesus, these house cats are giving us real

carnivores a bad rep.

Hey! Back off! This one’s the real deal, a rescue. Two years in the alleys in the wharf

district then three years relocation to the country, doing “farm duty”. Then six months

rehab and finally the last six months being “rescued” in the ’burbs.

Sorry’ I hadn’t realized he’d had it so rough. Rehab and being “rescued” damn. Think

they will ever realize we don’t need to be rescued or rehabilitated?

Doesn’t matter, this isn’t about that. He’ll get community service and six months house

arrest. He’ll have to catch and deliver mice, lizards or big bugs to the next of kin. 

That’s all.


The names and species were changed or eliminated to protect the squeamish.


Terry resides in Vista, Ca with his best friend and wife of forty years and two cats and two dogs, lots of bunny rabbits, hawks, owls, crows, hummers, gophers, and the occasional 'possum and roaming coyotes. He is a member of the Veterans Writing Group of San Diego. Publication creds: Damfino, A Quiet Courage, Mad Swirl, Gyroscope Review and others, his work can also be found in a dozen anthologies and he was the recipient of the "Art Young's "Good Morning" Poetry Prize 2016 [Garbanzo Literary Journal].