Final Closing Sale, Really, Final

Yes, loyal customers, this time

we really mean it.  We cannot

thank you enough for your valued

patronage, 35 years of forebearance

as, each spring, we announced

our final closing sale.  I assure you, though,

it was no ruse.  We pride ourselves

on straight talk, fair prices,

customer satisfaction.  Really,

we were ready to shut down shop

ages ago but, you know…

circumstances, family affairs,

the economy, legal wrangling,

not to mention the weather.

This is our final going out of business

sale, the one you’ve been waiting for. 

After this weekend, we’ll be history.

You’re in for some incredible bargains,

folks, I assure you.  We can’t price

this merchandise any lower, but just might

be able to cut you a deal.  Just don’t

let my wife hear me.  Step right up

while the inventory lasts because

when it’s gone, it’s gone, and mark

my words, you’ll regret it if you miss

out.  This is it, my friends. Come in.

Make me an offer.  Good heavens,

is that the demolition crew

down the road?  Don’t be the one left

picking through the rubble on Monday

morning listening to me saying,

“I told you so.”  Well, I’ve given you

my word, and it’s real, and final,

and come hell or high water,

I’ll stand by it, really I will, really. 


Philip Wexler lives in Bethesda, Maryland, where he also works for the National Library of Medicine.  He has had some 150 poems published in magazines over the years and has convened spoken word and music reading series' in the Bethesda/Rockville area.  He has completed a number of book-length poetry manuscripts and continues to seek a publisher for one or more of them.  He also creates mosaics, as time permits.