Fall Issue 1 Volume 2

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a letter from the editors

Dear Readers, 

It's fall! The weather is cold, the baked goods are delicious, and the atmosphere is perfect for reading! Grab that hot chocolate and apple pie and hunker down, cause this issue is a good one.  

As always, tremendous thanks to all of our contributors, all those who take the time to read our happy little magazine, and all the people who support us while we make this magic happen. Hope you enjoy! 



Danielle Lowery, Emily Wartella, and Kait Goodwin



Crime Boss -by Stuart Stromin 

Family Values -by Carl Palmer 

Testimony  -by Carolyn Martin 

Laureate -by Vern Fein 

Episode 101 and Aren't We Limber -by Zachary Kluckman

Animal, Animal Rights -by Terry Severhill

Caprice and Corseted -by Nancy Jentsch


Megastar -by John Matthews 

Comfort -by Ken Poyner


Incorrigible Jerk -by Bertram Mullin 

Our amazing cover art is created by Jen Powers. Jenn Powers is a writer and photographer from New England. She is currently writing a CNF memoir and her most recent work is published or forthcoming in Hayden's Ferry Review, Jabberwock Review, The Pinch, Gulf Stream Lit Mag, and Raven Chronicles, among others. Please visit www.jennpowers.com.