We love writing that makes us laugh. We want our bellies to hurt. But sometimes we want our imaginations to wander. We love fantasy, getting lost in worlds beyond our own created by others. Write with a young adult slant? Love it! Enjoy creating experimental pieces or exploring wacky characters? So do we! Send us your weird, your funny, your happy, your fantasy, we will love and cherish them all.

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your submission has been picked up by another publication before you hear a decision from us. We will do our best to get back to you in 2-4 months after you send your submission. But please be patient, we do also have school and jobs. 

We accept year-round submissions, and hope to publish a quarterly magazine.

If you have any works posted on a blog of yours or somewhere else on the internet where they are not technically part of a publication, we ask that you please remove them from the internet before submitting them to our magazine, and keep them down until you have heard our decision.

We retain North American publishing rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication. If you’re published in our magazine, and go on to re-publish your piece at a later date, please acknowledge an original publication in our magazine.

When sending a submission please email us at 500milesmagazine@gmail.com. In the subject line please put your first and last name, and the categories your submission are in. Ex. Suzie Heartings, fiction and limbo submission. Please paste your submission directly into your email.


FICTION: Looking for a home for that weird story you wrote about a crazy woman who stalks potential boyfriends in such a funny manner you pee a little every time you read about her because you laughed that hard? Need a venue to give your fantasy works a chance? We want them all. Your young adult pieces, your humor pieces, your pieces just about ordinary people. Feel free to send up to 3 fiction pieces per submission period that are no longer than 10 pages double spaced. Please include a page count in the top right hand corner at the beginning of each fiction piece you send. Please, no previously published works in this section.  

POETRY: Do you have something funny, daring, or just plain weird to say? We want to hear it. Still think poetry that rhymes is totally cool? So do we. Send us your favorite funny, weird, and experimental pieces. Feel free to send as many as 5 pieces per submission period. Spacing and length aren’t a huge problem for us, just please remember this is a magazine. If you send us an epic poem that’s 500 pages we can’t publish it. Please, no previously published work submitted to this section.   

NONFICTION: Funny non-fiction lives in an ooey, gooey, brownie batter piece of our hearts. Sarcasm is welcome, and sass is always loved. We accept non-fiction pieces up to 10 pages double spaced. Feel free to send us 3 pieces per reading period. Please list a page count in the top right hand corner at the beginning of each non-fiction piece. Please, no previously published pieces in this section.

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORKS: Have work you think would fit well in our magazine but it’s already been published? Send it our way! Let us know what category your work falls under (fiction, poetry, non-fiction, art, limbo), what publication it was published in, and please make sure you and your work have followed the above guidelines for the category you’re submitting under. Please only 1 previously published piece per reading period. 

LIMBO: Have you created something beautiful and totally you, but you don’t know what literary category it falls under? Or perhaps you know exactly what category, but we don’t have it listed here. Send such works our way in our limbo section! We accept limbo works up to 10 pages double spaced. Please leave a word count in the top right hand corner at the beginning of each piece. Feel free to send up to 4 limbo pieces per submission period. Please, no previously published work in this section.

ART: Would you like to design our next cover? Send us your stuff! In your cover art please include 500 Miles somewhere clearly visible. Please no previously published work in this section.